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The key thing as i see it

would be that as of now, there is no defining, immedient 'need' for a perfect leader.

Sure it would be nice to have a consistently libertarian thinking and acting person in the white house.
But realisticly regarded, nobody can at this point expect a person like for instance Ron Paul to be voted into office as president for the following reasons:

-there either is no such candidate in position (and i doubt Gary Johnson can in short time rally the same amount of philosophical libertarians as Paul did working on it for years...)
-or, and this is obvious, consciousness and awareness of vital and important liberty-related issues, is just not yet existent, respecting vast scopes of public opinion.

So my conclusion, as i wrote of no defining need for a perfect leader currently, but also in a broader philosophical context is - besides my opinion that no one really is perfect, the right US policy needs to be effectively built up from the grassroots level. That is, in my view, the only way of ensuring representative and accountable politics- public involvment, determination, and insistence in principle, first and foremost bottom up from the grassroots level.

Good politics need to be acquired by broad discussion and involvement, it doesn't fall from the sky....that's at least how i see it :)