Comment: Just say no

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Just say no

To socialism.

Socialists... while the THEORY is FABULOUS... never seem to ask themselves the question: Who is in charge of handing out all the free stuff?

While I support the FANTASY THEORY of socialism... since we truly are all "in it together" - in practice it just gives too much power to a tiny elite. There are too many examples of that in history to contradict this FACT.

Kudos though Sue for sticking your neck out in order to educate others - I see what you're trying to do.

I predict that 100 years from now - if we survive the next two or three - we will all be CONSENTING socialists as soon as we are all capable of governing ourselves. The thing is you cannot FORCE that education on others - they must be drawn to it themselves in their desire to become enlightened. Once enlightened they will realize we are all one... and harming anyone else sets the precedent that they can be harmed themselves.

I'm reminded of a time about a year ago - I ate some mushrooms (hadn't tripped in about 15 years) and I immediately went to work in solving all the world's problems. My mind was moving so quickly I was speaking in half sentences and then immediately moving onto the next subject. One thought was instantly giving me clues to the next... A friend who was just sitting there listening to me THINKING (at this point I had stopped talking my mind was moving so fast) and chuckling at the right times... it was pretty wild... he was actually reading my mind... at one point he said to me "Dude you switch gears so fast I can barely keep up!"

That proved to me that there is a spiritual connection between all of us. The 5 senses we use by default block out all of the higher senses we have and our ability to communicate with others on that level. This is the kind of enlightenment I'm talking about. Once you can know what I'm thinking and therefore be able to trust my intent - there will be no more war, violence, misery... etc... at that point we will be socialists by default.