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Your issue with gov't is that men are corrupt,

but you would give that same control to men and be comfortable with it because it is outside of government? Would corruption still not exist? At least with gov't, we have the option to influence. With private industry, we do not.

Let me give you a potential scenario. Many like minded people support and legitimize an organization through years of effort. That organization is now accept as forthcoming and is respected in the community. That organization is then bought, literally or figuratively, and is used to push a private agenda. What is your recourse? Stop funding it? It doesn't matter, it is well funded by the "purchaser". Will you initiate a campaign to discredit it? Will you do so with the same vigor as you put into legitimizing it? Will all of the others who helped you to build it up do the same? Chances are, you have just created a legitimized misinformation group and you have ZERO control over it.

Prop 37 doesn't propose to create a GMO Department, or anything like that. It is merely the people voting on whether or not private industry should display the information the people are asking for. Anyone who campaigned for Dr. Paul knows that public demonstrations are not very effective in the grand scheme of things.

In the end, we are still getting into the gov't vs. no gov't discussion. Gov't has a role. It does. The sooner you accept that we are not perfect, for the exact same reasons that politicians are not either, the sooner we can move towards LESS governance.

A friend of mine gave me a great analogy of libertarianism vs anarchism. It's like your car broke down in Georgia. You want to get it to Toronto to repair it. I am willing to help you push it to Michigan. You complain that I won't push it to Toronto. So, I ask you, do you want your car in Michigan, or in Georgia?