Comment: ECHELON / Carnivore "bait"

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ECHELON / Carnivore "bait"

Trouble-makers such as myself using e-mail on a regular basis added ECHELON / Carnivore "bait" to their signature lines in the late 90's/early-00's.

Do a Scroogle, er, Startpage search for ECHELON+spy+network and for Carnivore+FBI for a background on these two programs used by government for flagging "suspicious" communication streams.

The idea behind the e-mail signature "bait" we used back then was to have a large number of people using the 'trigger' words and phrases, thereby overloading the human resources of their Orwellian monitoring networks.

One might think of this sort of activism in terms of SIGNAL-to-NOISE ratios ... and I can be pretty damn noisy when I set my mind to it.