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Great Example....

I don't understand why some Ron Paul supporters feel that they discovered liberty and own the patent. Ron Paul was a Libertarian giving the same message he gives now.

Republicans wouldn't give him the time a day because they thought Libertarians never had a chance. They believed the MSM that distorted Libertarians as a bunch of pot-smoking hippie pacifist that were really only interested in legalizing drugs.

Historical events have changed all that. Many see what Libertarians have been saying actually makes sense. It took Ron Paul switching parties to get them to actually listen.

There will never be another Ron Paul, but the're are many that come close, close enough worth supporting, certainly better than anything the GOP or Democrats have to offer.

If Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters would work as allies, we could advance our cause for liberty. If some insist that Liberty is only worth achieving if they change the GOP, then it will never happen.

We need Democrats as well. We have to appeal to both parties to have the majority. Most Democrats are not going to join Republicans for the same reason most Republicans would never join Democrats, no matter how much they claim to change the platform.

No worries, what Libertarians know is events will take place that will force us to change to our way of thinking, it's only a matter of time. The question is how much pain will we suffer before we realize the errors of our way.