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Agree about positive energy

Positive energy is a more highly evolved energy; heart level and above. Heart energy is love and compassion and above that level the focus is spiritual. As you said: "Positive Energy IS the foundation for the Golden Rule."

Negative energy is below the heart level; energy focused on EGO, power, control, acquiring worldly things such as wealth, emotion, sexuality. And you are correct. Until humans evolve, every system we try will be taken over by those greedy for power, control, and wealth.

Socialism in its present form is just another way for the banksters to gain more control. Socialism produces DEBT and always functions on a deficit. That means the government has to BORROW money plus interest from the banksters to keep it going. VICIOUS circle of debt, but guaranteed income for the wealthy. Rothschild WAS/IS SMART to have planned this out.
Rothschild has almost every nation in the world by the balls. They all owe on bailouts plus interest. Of course it is the TAX PAYERS who owe, isn't it?