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Comment: Tyranny is a bit of an exaggeration imo. Maybe its good ...

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Tyranny is a bit of an exaggeration imo. Maybe its good ...

... and it will prevent more animal cruelty and deaths. Maybe it's dumb, and it will have unintended or the opposite effects.

Maybe its a boost. Or maybe its a drag on the economy.

But if you live in LA (or any other local or state government where this kind of law is in effect):

Get Involved.

Fight the law where you are. Get in the face of the council. Start a petition. Run for office.

Under our Constitutional Republic - as it stands in Law, and not as it has been subverted in reality - it is *exactly* this kind of thing that is Lawfully in the domain of the local and state governments to handle.

Tyranny would be the *Federal* government passing this kind of detailed economic law applying to the entire country, creating a massive bureaucracy to administer it, taxing the entire nation to fund it, and sending out small armies of armed agents to collect the funding and intimidate pet shop owners and breeders to enforce it.

There is a tendency of people on this board to cry "tyranny!" to any law and regulation that they find stupid and oppressive on a local level. NYC soft drink laws are another example:

Oh yes. Over-reach and stupidity on a profound level, no doubt.

But: Perfectly within the pursue of a local authority to try ridiculous laws as long as they are not fundamentally in opposition to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

IF the people in those local communities and states feel oppressed, THEN they have an obligation - and the means, through local access - to get RIGHT IN THE FACES of the representatives that passed it, and get it annulled.