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I was just studying this in management

Behavioral control comes from a combination of culture, reward, and boundaries. Education and free choice falls under culture. Laws fall under boundaries.

Supposedly, a firm typically has to start off with all three, but with lots of cultural cultivation, the firm can make a shift away from boundaries (rules) to reward/culture.

But that's within a firm...not our nation. Our nation has millions of people that take glee in breaking the laws. They pretend to be culture-compliant and law-compliant, but secretly commit offenses. From cheating, to speeding, to illegal downloading, to not snitching, etc., people seem to not be moral enough for education and free choice to matter. And our leaders are the worst, spending gobs of money/time/effort to build up their moral credibility, but still doing all sorts of bad things.

People are illegally trafficking humans, making dogs fight, etc.

So, yeah, we need laws to minimize humans from enslaving animals. In fact, especially to minimize humans from enslaving animals. People have social needs and will do anything to appease them. They lie, cheat, steal, bully, beat, enslave, etc. to get social needs met. No education, peer pressure, etc. will ever be enough to get people to treat humans faily, much less animals. If animal slavery becomes popular enough, people will just nod their head agreeing that it's wrong, but still enslave animals.

Frankly, right now, the culture is that owning animals is a good thing. People love their "pets" like family members more than ever.

Indeed, like with smoking, education will be the spearhead to get people psychologically prepared for the law.