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Ron Paul has principles not

Ron Paul has principles not principals!

But you sound like a pro life person because you oppose Gary Johnson. Why else would anyone be opposed to Gary Johnson on DP?

And many pro life people weren't paying attention in school. Their grammar is poor. Their knowledge is deficient.

They don't appreciate the difference between "potential" and "actual" so they are willing to consider a microscopic cell to be a person.

The essence of a human being is the possession of a volitional, conceptual consciousness. You guys just don't exercise it. You have to learn how to think and how to re examine what you were taught.

Otherwise your indoctrination will undercut your ability to fight for liberty and you might just lose it and find your grandchildren living in a totalitarian dictatorship.

Liberty requires thinkers not indoctrinated virtually mindless superstitious robots.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.