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Thank You for the Links :

Here's a few little things from my notes.

April, 2012 - Spire Law Group, LLP, California State Bar Registration Number 54393

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Marjorie Ellen Reed - #54393
Current Status: Resigned

This member is resigned and may not practice law in California.

April, 2012 California State Bar approves name change - Mitchell J. Stein & Associates LLP to Spire Law Group, LLP.

Calif. Sec. of State Business Search -

"Results of search for " SPIRE LAW GROUP " returned no entity records"

Calif. State Bar Search -

Mitchell J. Stein - #121750
Current Status: Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)
1/1/2012 Ordered inactive 11-TR-18758 Not Eligible To Practice Law

Litigation Release No. 22440 / August 8, 2012
Securities and Exchange Commission v. Heart Tronics, Inc., et al., 11-cv-01962 (C.D. Cal.)

Company, engaged in a wide-ranging series of frauds, including the repeated announcement of fictitious sales orders in Heart Tronics' SEC filings, press releases and other public broadcasts. The fraud schemes were masterminded by Mitchell J. Stein, the purported outside counsel to Heart Tronics and the husband of Heart Tronics' majority shareholder. From at least December 2005 through September 2008, while he was leading a campaign of public misinformation to drive up the price of Heart Tronics' stock, Mitchell Stein continuously directed the sale of his and his wife's Heart Tronics stock through a series of trusts and other nominee accounts for a net profit of more than $5.8 million. On December 13, 2011, a grand jury indicted Stein on 14 criminal counts of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud; mail fraud; wire fraud; securities fraud; money laundering; and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Also, please note the Market Watch article is credited to PR Newswire.

Look at their site services before deciding on credibility of any News Release through these Social Media channels.

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