Comment: Heavy Laughter

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Heavy Laughter

Do you actually converse with others, or do you just preach like some hot gospeler in a sweaty tent revival? You are a hoot!

But lets not spoil the fun...
Is there something objectively wrong with "ruling a population, pillaging them with taxes, or sending them off to fight a war"? Is there some absolute universal law in your atheist universe that says these things ought not happen? If so, where did this law come from? Who established this law? Is it written down somewhere so I can read it? Is there some authority involved, or is this just your personal prejudice squawking like an atheist Jerry Falwell?

Beliefs vs reason? One cannot exist without the other. Reason itself is a matter of faith.

This is mildly amusing: "Never question, never think, never analyze; just take your goodies and go on believing." Well, I asked some pretty direct questions about your beliefs. I'd like to analyze what you have to say. But apparently you "believe" in not answering simple, direct questions.

Here is what a question looks like:
"Where did this meaning come from? Could you tell us what meaning your life has?"
Of course, there are other questions above that we look forward to hearing you reason through.
Lets do a little reasoning and analyzing back and forth, shall we?