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Crime is crime

"And then I start thinking back on that quote quoted by Speer regarding the people expecting a “national” government. Is there a chance that the states were abusing their citizens and thus the people wanted relief thru a national government? Part of the Con Con, or just the way humans begin to treat each other under any system?"

If I don't know enough about the LEGAL PRECEDENT that occurred with Shays's Rebellion, then I'd like to know better.

As far as I know the LEGAL PRECEDENT of Shays's Rebellion was a runaway slave running away from a Legal Crime Organization called Massachusetts as those slaves ran to Vermont for sanctuary and that is what they found INSIDE the Common Law of The Articles of Confederation.

Here is what Patrick Henry says (in part):

"The Confederation, this same despised government, merits, in my opinion, the highest encomium: it carried us through a long and dangerous war; it rendered us victorious in that bloody conflict with a powerful nation; it has secured us a territory greater than any European monarch possesses: and shall a government which has been thus strong and vigorous, be accused of imbecility, and abandoned for want of energy?"

Liars lie.

Is Patrick Henry lying?

The largest and most powerful Aggressive Army Invaders For Profit was DEFEATED under The Articles of Confederation, where runaway slaves could run from one state to another and find sanctuary.

Is that significant or not?

Liars lie.

Who is rendered powerless by lies?


“The Constitution denied the right of the states to issue currency. The federal government alone had this right,”

Alexander Hamilton wrote The Federalist Papers as a False Advertizement campaign to PROMISE a "Federation" when in fact he claimed, otherwise, that he wanted National Debt, so as to FOOL the FOOLS who already had Good Faith and Credit into t FALSE believe in the Good Faith and Credit being issued through Monopoly License from a Central Bank.

That is all on the record for anyone to find themselves.

As Treasury Secretary, if I remember right, under Washington the new Currency War which was Shays's Rebellion became The Whiskey Rebellion only NOW, instead of Separate Sovereign States with all Volunteer Armies there was a Consolidated Government with a Conscripted (Slave) Army to Crush an competitors who may offer a competitive money (Whiskey).

That is all very well documented.

Madison finally figured out the Fraud and sided with Jefferson after abuse, after abuse, after abuse, that was not limited to The Alien and Sedition Acts or the earlier Whiskey Rebellion where Washington suppressed The Spirit of Liberty which Washington, in his own official words, as President, claimed that Spirit of Liberty to be " so fatal" to what?

Legal Crime.

Monopoly Banks Money Power.

License - Union - Scarcity of Power.

I had this thought today:

Jesus was a capitalist because he owned the most valuable capital in the world, the Word of God, and how much did he charge for that most valuable capital that was so scarce at that time?

What was the price Jesus set for the Scarce Capital he was offering the Free Market of ideas?

"But according to that Speer’s quote from Madison, those “COERSIVE” powers were supposed to be “LIMITED” by the [Dictatorial per JTK] or [Common Law per Miller] or [General per Jefferson] or [Federal per Henry] or [Con Con per Hamilton/Morris????] Constitution. bear says take your pick, I don’t know, I am just a messenger reporting the message that I see and I may be out of the closed loop, but I do not yet know how to interpret what is going on in that loop."

Why call crime anything other than crime?

Who benefits?

Cui bono?

“This was the grand and noble experiment, an entirely new
concept in the annals of government. The National COnstitu-
tion and the National government which it created, was lim-
ited in its powers over natural born persons (individuals)
to those expressly granted (Le., beyond the extent of
powers granted the natural born inhabitant was to be
governed by the Laws of God and Nature, the Law of
Conscience) “

The Philadelphia congregation was a reaction to Shays's Rebellion and a reluctance on the part of States to "provide the means by which we suffer" to Criminals who were infesting the Continential Congress with their no bid contracts and their lies, and their slaves, and their fraud money, and their Monarchy, and their Crimes, and their Crimes, and their Crimes, so someone had to do something to make crime legal.

You don't see it, but other people did see it, not only Patrick Henry.

The only reason why the people behind The Constitution (instead of The Articles of Confederation) had to resort to deceit was the fact that no one wanted the same Crime made Legal that they fled England or Germany, or wherever, in the first place, so the Liars had to dangle the false promise of a Federation in front of the masses of dupes, at that time.

This is a very familiar story.