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Science cannot prove a negative.... that is..

If you claim that there is a two story big pink elephant following you wherever you go, and I don't see this 2 story pink elephant, then the questions begin. If you say its invisible to all that do not first believe in this big pink elephant, and you offer no proof of any kind of its existence, the case is closed:

Big Pink Elephant = 0
My Sanity = 1

Science does not prove negative means, ... the burden of proof is upon the those that make claims that something IS there.

Science merely looks at what evidence is offered, and nothing is offered.

Since it is well known that Man can easily fool himself into believing in, well just about anything, that self delusion is quite easy for Man, then claim that one must BELIEVE first, without evidence is request for you to be delusional, to commit self delusion. To say to Man, be a believer first, then you shall believe, its truism, however illogical. One can say the opposite, be a skeptic, a doubting thomas, an atheist FIRST, then you won't believe and so you will be an atheist.

Once you open that door to belief, any goblin may enter. I prefer not to open it.

Atheists 1, Theists 0

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