Comment: Constitutional..yes! Moral No!

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Constitutional..yes! Moral No!

The mere argument that just because something is constitutional it must be okay is a complete fallacy of logic. If the State government had a state right to kick you in the nuts, would that be okay because it's constitutional?...The answer of course is no, because it violates your right to protect yourself. You have to ask yourself whether is is moral as well. That is what must be asked. It's the same for the food manufacturers that will be FORCED to label their foods. State right or not, this violates the principle of non-aggression, it is through government force, it violates private property and the BILL of RIGHTS. I don't care if a individual or a company is in question- force is still force!- PERIOD! If any of one are an advocate of force you are an advocate for tyranny. Love one another....even if they are companies (which of course consist of groups of humans which we must also love and wish well).

- Brennan