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Right off the bat your argument is bullshit.

You start off with giving the states rights to kick you in the nuts.. They have nor right to that. :)

They may try but it doesn't mean they had the right to do it, if it was wrong based on the Constitution and natural law in general then they would be wrong to do it, period.

I could however pose the same "logic" to you.. Monsanto has no right to force poisonous food on us through legislation.. it's unconstitutional and immoral to do so.

It is well within my rights to protect myself using force.

Periodddddddddd! Many bring up the Constitution, Rights and historic pressure to bear and I find that you wind up being just like those who attack Dr.Paul when it comes to Constitutional stances.. You always come out smelling bad. Ya see, I've read the Founding Documents.. I don't think too many of you have..

Hell just yesterday someone tried to win an argument by quoting something that Jefferson did to back his claim but as usual.. A red flag for me went off and a quick search revealed that it was a fallacy.

The Individual has natural rights.. Not a corporation.

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