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Comment: Reminds me of another case I heard of.

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Reminds me of another case I heard of.

A man was driving through the state of Tennessee when he was stopped for a routine traffic violation. Officers looked through his car and found some $25,000 in cash - which they promptly confiscated.

Turns out this guy had a side business buying cars he saw with "For Sale" signs on them. He could often get the best deal by offering cash on the spot. Thats why he had a large amount of cash. Records showed he had done this numerous times.

But because DRUG dealers also typically conduct transactions in cash - that was all the reason police needed to keep his cash. No evidence existed of course that this man had ever bought or used drugs EVER. But it didn't matter.

This man eventually won the cash back - but the officer who took the cash was defiant till the end. In a TV interview he said he would gladly do it again.