Comment: Climate change occurs. It is

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Climate change occurs. It is

Climate change occurs. It is a natural phenomena. Some winters are warmer, some are colder. It has nothing to do with business or "C02 emissions" (even if it did, any real scientist would easily see that our government is the biggest emitter of C02 on the planet thanks to our foreign policy and army of bureaucrats and contractors). This is nothing more than creating a boogey man to justify a larger and more intrusive government. In our time, the politicians and bureaucrats have become much more savvy. They have created enemies out of tactics, terrorism, so they can wage never ending war. And they have created global crises out of any fluctuation in temperature at all, climate change, so even if it gets colder, it falls within their "science".

Remember Jefferson's words. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. If we want freedom, we must study and understand all issues, so that we may defend it from any and all encroachments.