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Good Morning kevink :

No, I am not a Lawyer. Just a Pro Se and DIY paralegal. I haven't maintained a Nexus or other similar account in years. This info was pulled from publicly available links as referenced.

No one is as disgusted by the BAR as I can be, except maybe the wife. The closest I get to Lawyers is the left or right table, depending.

I would love to see this type of action show substance.

Apparently the Security & Exchange Commission charges carry no weight around here as well.

Litigation Release No. 22440 / August 8, 2012
Securities and Exchange Commission v. Heart Tronics, Inc., et al., 11-cv-01962 (C.D. Cal.)

The lead boy looks like a classic scammer to me.

The Calif. Bar ordered him inactive through it's Attorney Discipline System, an “involuntary” action apparently in regards to his SEC problems. Not any of the mortgage/banking activities.

6007. A "retail sale" or "sale at retail" means a sale for any purpose other than resale in the regular course of business in the form of tangible personal property.

Interested folks might find this sight useful for making a personal decision on the matter.

Mitchell J. Stein has filed suit against California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Benjamin Diehl, and James Toma on February 27, 2012 in the Northern District of California.

The additional links at page bottom are most enlightening. Particularly the bottom two.

And finally this for your consideration.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 26, 2012

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has ruled in favor of Brookstone Law PC and all other defendants in a significant court decision against embattled attorney Mitchel J. Stein by dismissing Stein’s $1 billion lawsuit against Brookstone and ordering Stein and other plaintiffs to pay all legal costs.

The case is Legaspi v. Spivak Case BC469228 State of California, County and City of Los Angeles, California.

Well, I got to get ready for the day. All the Best.

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