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Comment: This will be IJ's first Federal Civil Forfeiture case,

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This will be IJ's first Federal Civil Forfeiture case,

and unfortunately, unwinnable. Unless, of course, IJ can win a savvy jury that understands Jury Nullification. I will pray they do because any Fed. Prosecutor who loses a Civil Forfeiture case with ALL the cards stacked in his favor won't be fired, he'll be laughed out of town.

Here's what IJ is up against in Federal court.
Litigation Backgrounder—Fighting Civil Forfeiture Abuse

I liked this next 'article' best, which is actually an introduction to a book, because it lists all the Constitutional Rights, legal concepts, and notions (remember Presumption of Innocence?)that Civil Forfeiture violates. And it's mind-blowing, particularly for anyone who wants investments, a business, or already "owns" something that could be sold.

The Introduction to Your House Is Under Arrest

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