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Those are my areas of focus

I am very much focused on that and have studied for years on many items. One in particular that is easy to share is Fluoride. We are being poisoned in this country and the few left around the world that still dump the fertilizer industry tower mist called fluoride into the drinking water. Its very simple;

Industrial Mega-farms need the phosphate fertilizer to grow the monsanto GMO corn. Without it, the yield would be less than half.
The phosphate fertilizer industry provides it.
The toxic waste by-product (hexafluorosalisic acid) is created when hydrochloric acid is applied to phosphate rich ore. The resulting deadly fume is so toxic as a waste product that the EPA strictly forbids the dumping of it into any waterway or land application.
These deadly fumes are instead "scrubbed" by misting towers, pooled, put into tanker trucks and sold to municipal water systems around the country.
The only way they can get rid of it is to dilute it down to an "acceptable" level. This is done by selling it to municipal water systems under the guise of a dental benefit. This is only one of the many toxins destroying our ecosystem. I would love to list more items, but I know this is not the correct forum for these subjects.
Thanks for the comment and opportunity to expand on the subject.