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Maybe if you understand

Ron Paul's campaign was not getting MSM coverage for accomplishments like plurality.. the rEVOLution is all about the message, restore the republic, and getting that materialized to accomplish our stand on issues, no war, free market, ending the fed.. and you saw the censorship, you saw the brutality and hard ball dirty politics being played.. and there were many of us who were new to the GOP, didn't have a clue what was going on.. DP was full of misinformatants.. and then Rand endorsed Romney.. KNOWING Romey had the nomination sewn up, and that many of us for Ron Paul, didn't understand our loyalty oath to the party.. Rand's endorsement had people ASKING WTF? And those finding they had signed loyalty oaths, went stealth, or faced the music /dirty tricks with a vengence, since many in the GOP believed the lies, that WE were doing the dirty tricks.

Rand spared delegates at the RNC who stood for Ron Paul even under their loyalty oaths.

Rand is very capable, a good guy and unless you can name a senator or governor who is doing better at getting liberty on the MSM pages, I'd say, Rand's the man!