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Comment: Some of you people slay me..

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Some of you people slay me..

Constitutional IS Liberty minded.

I remember a certain earnest man that has fought for abortion to go back to the states where they have a right to decide and where the people locally can have more influence over it.

Everyone loves to rail against the government and throw around non-agression and use of FORCE but here's the reality of it..

No matter how evil you think government is, it is needed and if you believe that.. What exactly do you think should be happening as it relates to government? Should they never do anything? Should we never use them? Then why have them?

I'm okay with a very very small government.. Hell I would be happy to do away with the Federal part of it and go back to the states.. At least that way, if I didn't like something I could just move.

But we have what we have Constitutionally written out of us and if the Federal part were to follow that, we might not have the problems we have to today.

Now all of this is coming from someone who will be moving to the middle of a very remote location where I won't have another person.. whether government or sovereign individual anywhere around me if that tells you how much I feel I "need" them on a personal level.

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