Comment: U$ury = Anti-Faith.

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U$ury = Anti-Faith.

you assume rightly, U$ury = Interest on loans. Thanks for the link to the audacious article with a brazen title, written by misers at Mises.

U$ury is a master-stroke of satan, see how they have titled the article = [The Social Blessings of "Usury"], and it is written very skilfully. It can be refuted on many counts - it will take time, mental labor, copy-pasting, & some typing. Usury is anti-social, usury removes virtue & goodness, demands pro'mises.
U$ury deprives man of many Blessings like the abundance in the Garden.

Faith leads to relation & richness. Usury is for the miserable. Those who love usury canNot pretend to honor & love the Maseah. He = Fair, Just & Love.
I have no desire to play matches with the Devil's Advocates.

Nowadays many ordinary people indulge in usury, - because it is offered by banks, promoted by media, licensed by protected by govts., not condemned by priests, etc. But as a profession it is practiced by those who have a demonic agenda, subtle & secretive, to the extent of being incestuous, involving others in what is bawdy. Freud, Marx, Rothschilde, Bernie & $hylock, Ayn,= cou'sin$.

Usury causes mise'ry, its arguments are based on sur'mise, used as (false) pre'mise for it$ sanction. There is an old anglish saying that - "misery loves company", so Satan is inviting more people into Hell. These sick psychopaths, or banksters, are blind as vampire bats, they canNot see the pain & misery that usury is causing, = the human suffering & de'mise, ~ due to debt$, .