Comment: Couldn't agree more.

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Couldn't agree more.

Ron Paul is putting party before country by not endorsing GJ. He's also allowing an already embattled alternative vote to be splintered among at least 5 candidates when one (GJ) is clearly going to be the winner of the 5.

Ron Paul is ARGUABLY the ONLY GUY capable of rallying the troops behind a viable third party (which if GJ can get +5% Libertarians have a bonafide "major" party).

For the good of the country - Gary Johnson needs to get every alternative vote if not for the ONE reason that Americans are FED UP WITH THE TWO PARTY DUOPOLY.

I'll go even further: Every third party candidate should official drop out and endorse Gary Johnson for that same reason - we need to UNIFY THE OPPOSITION TO THIS DUOPOLY CRIME SYNDICATE!

Call it "voting for the lesser of three evils" if you want - but I think that's BS - GJ does not have evil intent. His views are his true beliefs. Voting for anyone else other than GJ is your acceptance that the TWO PARTY DUOPOLY will progress into the next cycle. We all know GJ won't win if not for the fact that VOTING MACHINES are "counting" votes... even if GJ got the majority of voters voting for him.