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You are making me laugh

" that book we are NOT discussing" (caps mine) I am trying, really. I just sent replies on pgs

Speer xii - xiii reply

Speer x - xi reply

and new commentary on Speer xiv - xvi

And now I must extracate myself from this internet wonderland full of beautiful rocks and get some work done here in the quarry of the real world LOL.

Josf, why are we talking about socialism?

Are you saying this about me:

"YOU call it socialism, indirectly, or directly, from out of the dark, or right up in my face?"

Did I do that?

Am I doing that?

I am not trying to do that.

I don't know that I am doing that.

I don't want to do that.
What I was asking you this morning was if I should reply to your replies and then you will reply to my replies and then I will reply to your replies and we will have 1000s of replies before I finish reading that book 2 pages at a time. Maybe it will go faster, but I was feeling badly that I had not replied to your replies and relized that that was no way to have a discussion so since you are so smart I wanted to get your help on what to do.

Anyways, I already decided for myself what to do. I have answered your very welcome replies with replies of my own (with pleasure) and if we spend the rest of our lives on replies until we no longer want to do that, well that will be fine and I will try to read the book too. I just realized last night I was unintentionally beginning more one way conversations. I just want to be a good and competitive discussion partner.

I may be like tht tree in that not even a grader or a hiker, just a free loader who has to be pushed and tugged along to new ground to stretch my roots. How many pieces of heavy equipment can you drive at one time...laughing to is becoming obvious to me that I am not driving any...

and I was trying so hard not to pollute your new Liberty Challenge Post with my nonsense.