Comment: Physical Reality

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Physical Reality

It will always come down to the Duality of Man...the Physical and Spritual Realities. We exist in the Physical Realm, and we do what we must to explain it as best we can.

This quatuam theory of consciousness is very interesting, as is how scientists keep drilling further and further down into the atom. This all great information relating to our physical world.

However, the spiritual realm cannot be explained in physical terms as it exists outside of our physical reality. Our "soul" if you do believe that we do possess a soul, represents the Spiritual, hence the Duality of Man. The physical body exists here in this physical plane of consciousness, the Soul resides in the Physical body, and the Soul is connected to the Spiritual Realm.

Until such time or if at all, they can reveal the Spiritual realm, we will only have physical answers to the so called mystery of the Soul.

We are but a "drop" from the Ocean of Consciousness.