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Well I don't feel depressed. Just trying to be sure of what I believe. Actually this has helped my understanding of rights quite a bit, it has confirmed what I already knew to an extent and deepened one side of my understanding thanks to my fellow theist DPers.

As I stated before, rights may exist in a universe where a God exists. I believe for many reasons that this is a universe where a God exists and that He has rights and that they are tied to His holiness and righteousness. My whole understanding is developing, but it's too long for me to go into now.

In a universe where God does not exist, my fellow DPers have helped to again confirm the fact that no way in heck do rights exist, no matter how evolved someone gets, they have not ever developed a "rights" gland. Ha. So of course they are a pretend concept that many partake in to protect themselves and of course creating a very complex smoke screen to hide that they don't exist gets pretty wordy but still ends with there being NO rights in a purely naturalistic universe.

Thanks for the concern, not depressed, doing just fine! God Bless!