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"Josf, which of the definitions as set out by Blacks do you prefer (regardless of the word that is being define. I am asking not about the word, but about the definition."

The definitions are worthless to me, due to the fact that the words say nothing, except for a confession.

When the authorities write things that only they understand, and therefore you need the authorities forever, then the confession is that they are creating "Job Security", just like the Union Shop Repairman who breaks things to keep the demand for his POWER to fix things high - which is making his POWER scarce relative to the number of broken things that need to be fixed.

" each established by the people directly,
one for local and the other for national purposes"

So...the National Employees, who we hire to do our bidding, are not allowed, by us, to have any power over us, while we remain in our local jurisdictions?


We hire them to make us provide the means by which we suffer in the National Interest?

Who decides what is IS?

When Federal means: States pay or do not pay anything to the Federal Government unless they alone decide to pay, or not pay, at any given time, or place, or any amount, for as long as the State remains a choice by The People to be in that State, on their own say so, each individual person, where those people will, or will not, find sanctuary in another State, or another place, anywhere but that State, if that State becomes Crime made Legal.

Where Federal means that the Federal Government exists, or does not exist, depending upon the supply being voluntarily supplied to meet the demand, and if the Federal Government wanders off the limits of the supply demanded, then the States CHECK that wandering off of the limits of the supply being oversupplied by refusing to pay any more Union dues.

Wherein the Federal government is NOT used as a means of keeping the runaway slaves chained up to their masters as the Federal Employees are sent in each State to retrieve those slaves and take them back to their Masters in another State.

National, to me, merely means Monopoly, or Legal Crime - Fraud combined with Extortion.

National = Despotism = Legal Crime when I use that word.

"Is this a monarchy, like England a compact between prince and people, with checks on the former to secure the liberty of the latter? Is this a confederacy, like Holland an association of a number of independent states, each of which retains its individual sovereignty? It is not a democracy, wherein the people retain all their rights securely."

Clearly, it is not, clearly, demonstrably, it is Crime made Legal.

Before The Constitution the Federal Employees did not invade Vermont with a Conscripted Army led by a newly crowned Dictator in Chief to summarily, and legally, crush "so fatal a spirit" as The Spirit of 1776, but after The Constitution that very things was done according to the whims of the then current despotic regime of Central Bankers and their hired mercenaries.

So...Patrick Henry was right.

Who listened then?

Who listens now?

"So it seems a foundation is being built on terms that may or may not be defined correctly, used correctly. This is the bath water? But if it is a foundation, how can the baby really be a baby?"

What must be understood is the fact that there will be living things that threaten and destroy innocent human babies, children, teenagers, young adults, men, women, old men, and old women, and those living things include wild animals, human beings called sociopaths, and human beings called pathological liars, and human beings called Mittens, and human beings called Obsama Bin Obama, or human beings calling themselves Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, Authorities, Police, Generals, Sheriffs, Central Bankers, etc.

Why not call them criminals?

Cui Bono?

If crime will happen then a power must exist by which the criminals are not powerful enough to overpower their victims and that is The BABY.

There is the baby, there is the criminal, the criminal is targeting the baby, if we do nothing, what happens?

If we do something, what do we do?

Do we send Fraud Money to sociopaths and hope for the best?

Baby is proven to be The Baby, not the bathwater, when the criminals are not molesting the babies, and torture is not legal, and mass murder is not a National Sport.

Bath water is perhaps occurring as we provide the means by which we are tortured and mass murdered as we fail to realize that an alternative exists.

When Baby meets Bathwater, the baby knows, and probably cries, or screams, so why can't we hear such things, as it happens often enough?

Too busy making (fraud) money because the tax man (extortion) knocks?

"I would like to know of all the cases of those who have tried to exercise this law and have ended up in the ship’s hull."

If everyone stopped providing the means by which we suffer, all at once, it would be easy to do, before tomorrow morning.

That may not happen tomorrow.

So who is going to act now, and will they be in the hull, or will they be nailed to wooden boards and paraded about town to let everyone else know what happens when someone questions the order to provide the means by which we suffer?

"Perhaps when one gets a ticket they should think twice about speeding and save their loved-ones the heartache of the reality of a fear that was always resident…if you don’t quit driving like a maniac you are going to kill someone or get yourself killed."

If someone is speeding down a road where children will be wandering into the street then shooting the driver dead before he proceeds another block could work out to be the lesser of two evils, if, in fact, the driver would have plowed through a dozen children killing or torturing all 12.


Do something that stops CRIME

Work harder each day to make more Fraud Money to then pay sociopaths so that that sociopaths can destroy all life on Earth.

What is the specific question?

Why be ambiguous?

Cui Bono?