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Comment: I think so.

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I think so.

"YOU call it socialism, indirectly, or directly, from out of the dark, or right up in my face?"

Did I do that?

Do you see RED when you see the word Socialism?

Does your knee jerk?

Is there a response conditioning at work?

I think so.

"and I was trying so hard not to pollute your new Liberty Challenge Post with my nonsense."

Neither of us can hold a candle to those who know how to discuss topics best. This topic is serious, not a hobby. This topic deserves our attention, it may be a long road of discovery, but considering where we are, in providing the means by which we suffer, we do have a long way to go, and at least we are intending to move in the right direction.

Not: Work harder each day to collect debt notes supplied by Frauds so as to then pay the extortion fee to Extortionists, and then have those sociopaths injure us even more, making us work harder, for less.

What is effective along the path that intends to NOT do that above - precisely not that above.

Precisely not this:

The Federal Reserve System of National Fraud
The Federal Income Tax National System of Extortion
The National abuse of precious Defensive Military Power in Aggressive Wars for Profit where the goal is to eventually lose those wars and move the World Reserve Currency Power to Asia.