Comment: "At least with gov't, we have

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"At least with gov't, we have

"At least with gov't, we have the option to influence. With private industry, we do not."

This is simply not true. Private industry does not exist unless economically viable or unless it is given handouts from government. You have immense influence over private industry. If you don't like their product, don't buy. Review it online. Talk to your friends about it. You have options. Private industry doesn't force you to do things like government does. Yes, corruption will always exist, but I want it to exist where it has the least power of force (private sector).

Your money controls the private sector. Your government controls your money. Your government can throw you in jail. Walmart cannot.

It is not necessarily a government vs. no-government discussion. It is a discussion of both role and scale. "He who governs least governs best." I agree with that.

If you must use government, the more local the better. The federal government should only provide national defense and enforce contracts. Just because the constitution gives all powers not enumerated to the states OR TO THE PEOPLE, does not mean that the states SHOULD use that power.