Comment: I honestly just don't get it

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I honestly just don't get it

How can people who have math skills reject physics or chemistry? How can people with either/both of those reject nuclear decay. How can otherwise intelligent people reject micro-evolution? How can they then not comprehend the power of trillions of trillions of attempts leading to something that sticks.

And honestly, how can people discount so much of the world around them that's proven and tested and even predicted based on a single story that simply doesn't make any real-world sense, was passed down over thousands of years, is documented as being human written after generations of word of mouth, by a group of people that didn't know squat scientifically, is documented as being collected, selected and edited by a group of oligarchs who clearly had motive for mass population control (this one blows me away in regard to the people on this site), directly conflicts with itself many times and has been found to be a near duplicate of numerous previous stories before it was written?

Every creationist comment on here has discounted logic or reason at one point or another in either their question or the premise they base it on. They push for facts that prove one thing or another and then instantly jump on given proof as being a religion in and of itself when it is actually the polar opposite of a religion.

Where has peoples' ability to reason things out gone?