Comment: I 100% believe in climate

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I 100% believe in climate

I 100% believe in climate change from an combination of human action & nature.... to think that our industrial use of resources with billions of people consuming them at a rapid rate doesn't affect the natural environment is absurd. The difference between most eco-nazis and me is that I believe the best way to solve the issues, which is also attributed to natural cycles far out of human control, is that I am not willing to give up my rights for the "greater good" and believe the solution lies within free market principals.

Just think about how much gas is consumed and burned every day.... of course it has some affect, global warming, ecosystem manipulation, species decimation, all of these things are occurring from human action and natural cycles. The governments policies in regards to energy, oil, industrial hemp, subsidies, ethanol, the corn lobby, all of these aspect contribute to our current situation.

We are driving in cars that are less environmentally friendly than the original T Model Ford, which was produced and ran off hemp. Hemp plastic made from hemp petroleum, hemp fiber for seats, and hemp oil for the tank. It was hemp and steel. Hemp is the most sustainable and profitable crop in the world in the sense it restores minerals and nutrients to soil as oppose to depleting nutrients, like corn. It grows as fast as bamboo under the right conditions, and has more industrial purposes than any other plant.

We should have cars that run off water, hemp, whatever. If the free market were allow to exist and entrepreneurs weren't inhibited through guidelines, regulations, subsidies, and lobbying, we would have a much more sustainable economy. The government favors oil, cotton, and corn. We need to make alternative energies profitable and removing the subsidies from the rest of the energy markets will prove that these can more profitable if done correctly.

I find it impossible to believe that in a day and age of IPADs, manless drones, laser eye surgery, advanced medical equipment, that we cannot find a more efficient way to consume, produce, distribute energy and transportation.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...