Comment: Gore = Climate Change= Goebbels

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Gore = Climate Change= Goebbels

"An Inconvenient Truth" won an Oscar and many awards. The film debut was the same year another documentary had its debut, "America: Freedom to Fascism" by Aaron Russo.

You can also find "America: Freedom to Fascism" here:

"Climate Change" is the new buzzword in trying to reference "Global Warming". Said enough, in a Goebbels-listic style of propaganda, many Americans use the this new term, "Climate Change"...

I lived in Northern California all my life. I am an environmentalist. Hell I'm a country boy, how could I not be an environmentalist. The Lake Shasta region has been going through some strange environmental changes. None related to weather. Not Climate Change, but hazardous pollution either mistakenly done by progress or a purposely engineered by the selected few who may profit from it. Who really knows? On Saturday, March 14, 2009 the article "Chemtrails Polluting Shasta Water?" came out:
Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" T.V. program followed up on these reports. Is it true? I have no idea...

What I do know is this: This passing October and like every October it has snowed in the Sierra's. I cannot remember a fall season when it has not, and I'm over forty.
Second, "Climate Change", well yeah dummies the climate is different pretty much day to day and even hour to hour. Can you find a place on Earth where the temp or weather does not change? So use the term "Global Warming" and don't be Joseph Goebbels. I can have respect for those who argue Global Warming; but once the "CC bomb" is dropped, I am dealing with a brainwashed Nazi; and at that point, there is no use in discussing Astrophysics, Precision of the Equinoxes, Carbon Dioxide breathing plants, etc., etc... I have not meet a legitimate individual with experience and letters in a scientific field that can argue that Carbon is bad for planet Earth and at the same time justify the Al Gore Carbon Credit scandal.
Oh you have not heard of Carbon Credits? Maybe you should?
Plus: "The Carbon Credits Trust is comprised of a team of professionals working in areas as diverse as education, information technology, climate research, business development, carbon markets, carbon offsets, carbon credit project origination, clean and renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction." hmmm, I have yet to meet a CCNA that can calculate the distance to nearest M class planet or describe the portions of the ionosphere, even though defining a subnet is their own child's play. But there's Wikileaks:

And reading the comments here, so many seem to be saying that Man-Bear-Pig definitely deserves support from the liberty movement?

I realize I have just typed out a seemingly endless comment, but do you come to the Daily Paul to support Liberty and the Republic? Or do you support Al Gore and the 1% that serves as his bank roll. Read Carl Sagan or at least watch Cosmos. He awoke many to the science of science. And if you have seen "An Inconvenient Truth", maybe it is time you watch Aaron Russo's "American: Freedom to Fascism". Then maybe you'll understand, that the only science "that is in", is the science of deception... And why the Oscar is just a trophy...

Please vote Gary Johnson and turn the tide towards Liberty.