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I( like to think like a squirrel.

Like I am a squirrel, then I understand what "rights" my "Creator" bestowed upon me.
I, like any good squirrel, DO have the right to sneak into your attic and take any nuts I find, or perhaps hide a few nuts of my own there. However, I am a clever squirrel, and SELF GOVERN, choosing not to risk my life over a stash of nuts you may or may not have, and possibly face the wrath of another squirrel who catches me stealing his nuts. I also choose to find a hiding place that is not the obvious nest of another squirrel, knowing that you would probably steal my nuts, just because they were in your nest. Doing what is right comes from within - or it does not. Having a right - the kind bestowed by our Creator, not by any agreement among men - is brutally obvious.
What if you broke into my house and stole everything because you had lost everything, including your mind? What if your wife and baby were starving and all you steal is some of my food? You have the right to do whatever you have the gumption to get up and do. It is by impeccable self-governance that you CHOOSE what is right - and the word has multiple meanings. (Shall I get picky and say it is the opposite of left, and of course we all have rights unless we were born horribly deformed?)

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.