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" It is not bias to not want

" It is not bias to not want to demonstrate law breaking in front of children. It is good parenting."

I have to disagree with this. What you are saying is that, if you had black children in the 60s, you would tell them not to drink water from the "WHITES ONLY" drinking fountain because law breaking is something not to be taught. This is wrong on its face. Laws that are not just should be broken. Being a fugitive slave was against the law at one point, too.

When laws are broken, they are eventually challenged. Hopefully, a healthy judicial system will recognize the invalidity of such unjust laws. However, if we never question such laws, we will never win back stolen freedoms.

I tell my children that they should not do drugs. However, I emphasize that they should make that decision themselves and not from a standpoint of legality but after careful decision-making that will hopefully lead them to the conclusion that drugs are not necessary for them. They are also taught to feel the same way about legally-prescribed medication. For example, I had a toothache that required surgery and that meant having to wait over the weekend with the pain. The dentist gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3 with Codeine. I told him I wasn't in so much pain that I felt a narcotic was necessary and asked for an alternative. I was prescribed Motrin 800 instead. That's a healthy decision about drugs and that's why it's important they learn that it isn't just black & white, yes or no decisions.

Feel free to break a law or two, as long as it doesn't harm others.