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But we aren't talking about private industry

We are (in this conversation) talking about a theoretical private watchdog group that would provide "information" to influence public opinion regarding a particular product. Of course, if a corporation wants to start one on their own, then they have that right. My point is that you are suggesting that the watchdog group would protect the consumer, when I submit that it would not.

Why do labels show calorie, sugar, and fat content? Because the PEOPLE requested it. In this scenario, the people are merely using the government as a conduit to achieve a result. Again, we are not talking about gov't intervention, or gov't influence. We are talking about the people of a state saying "We want to know what we are consuming" and right now, there is no way of knowing that. GMO's are EVERYWHERE. They are in products that you wouldn't even think about. How do you know what products to not buy? How do you know what stores to avoid? How do you know what restaurants carry foods made with GMO's? How can you as a consumer possibly make that decision without that information?

As I've said before, until we are all perfect beings, gov't has a role.