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Not the issue

Some people are forgetting that it was made illegal because of its many potential and highly competitive market positions. Paper, bio diesel fuel, biodegradable non toxic plastics, as well as a plethora of medicinal benefits, clothing fiber, etc. The list is enormous. (Anyone with an internet connection and an I.Q. beyond that of a dead turtle can find all they can read for weeks). On the flip side, keeping it illegal provides many industries with nonstop business and government funding, not to mention the additional authority attained by local law enforcement "professionals". In addition, the controlling powers in the Republicrat establishment are better able to serve the various lobbyists from the industries that supply the effort. So why is it still subject to debate? Isn't it obvious that the problem is actually an entire complex? Does alcohol have so many uses? How about tobacco? See? If walnut trees had as many uses, these powers would just find a way to make it "dangerous" and illegal as well.