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It's one thing to take a

It's one thing to take a position on a specific issue like drug use, but you expanded your position beyond that to include obedience to unjust laws. You cited several examples of unjust laws and then said that it is wrong to teach children that it is okay to disobey those laws. That is where I take issue with your position on what to teach children. Such lessons are no different than the statism taught to our children in the public school system. They deal in absolutes as well instead of teaching children HOW to think. Every generation in this nation successively loses more of their personal freedoms. Someone is going to have to stand up to these government bullies and start standing up for what is right. If you don't teach your children that not everything is black & white, they may stay out of trouble but the shackles will never be lifted. You should teach them about the principles of freedom and how to determine if a law is just or not. That way, they learn to identify what stands in the way of their freedom and where to push back.

Don't teach blind obedience to unjust laws, teach them how to decide for themselves what laws are right and what laws are wrong. Someone else's freedom may just depend on their interpretation of right and wrong. This is especially true since we have jury trials in this nation. Will your children participate in jury nullification of unjust laws some day or will they help the state lock up people who have not brought harm upon others?