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You make no sense...

First you say, "Neither Johnson nor Paul will be allowed to win fairly", which may be a true statement. But of course, that doesn't mean that you take that lying down: Every effort should still be made to help maximize the vote for the Libertarian candidate (Gary Johnson), and for the anti-Status-Quo policy agenda.

Second you say that by abandoning Gary Johnson, that this is somehow justified and helps the Grassroots? Nonsense. Just imagine if Ron Paul had gone around the Country in State-after-State drawing huge crowds, and raising money for Gary Johnson, (and also similar Libertarian candidates)? This would electrify the Grassroots tremendously, and you might see Johnson at 10%-15% in the polls right now, maybe more.

Finally, whether Johnson actually can "win", or not is irrelevant. You must stand on the principle of the Libertarian Anti-War, Anti-FederalReserve, Anti-PoliceState policy platform, and that means you stand for Gary Johnson since he is the candidate. If you refuse to do that, then you're just making a statement of slience, and making life even easier for the Establishment. Either you stay true to the alternative policy agenda, or you're a fake.

Ron Paul could have thrown his weight around, and used his popularity for great good. Instead, he just happily curled right up into Mitt Romney's lap, and flipped Gary Johnson the finger (by his abandonment). He's done nothing to help the movement for the past 6 months, and only made Romney's life much easier....

I call that what it is....phony, pure hypocrisy.

He ran away from the whole battle, and did nothing for the one guy who wanted to stay and fight.