Comment: The gulf isn't "repairing itself"

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The gulf isn't "repairing itself"

I mean in Geologic time there will of course be a point after which the what, where and when of the deepwater horizon disaster is indiscernible, but we're talking millions of years. The everglades won't "repair themselves"--they're pretty fucked. There was an obama administration report claiming 90% of the oil magically disappeared. This was of course total bullshit. It was sickening listening to oil-friendly pundits like Limbaugh, Mike Gallagher, etc., for once repeating the Obama administration's claims unquestioningly. In any other case they'd question absolutely everything that administration could claim--even things that don't matter--but when they have to run to the defense of remorseless polluters like BP, they couldn't fall in line fast enough.. in that case they'll even find bedfellows with Obama, who also loves BP..

If we were talking about just oil having been spilled, that's one thing, but BP ditched millions of gallons of neurotoxic and carcinogenic Corexit in the gulf to cover their own asses. Now areas of the gulf floor have a toxic death sludge of corexit/oil and dead marine life several feet thick.