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Pure Lies...

You are describing Mitt Romney (Ron Paul's buddy), and not Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson is very clear about getting out of Afghanistan, No War with Iran, Ending NDAA, Ending The Patriot Act, opposing NAFTA, Ending the Drug War, legalizing Marijuana, Ending the Federal Reserve, cutting Military Spending, scaling back the IRS, cutting Cabinet Departments, and less overall Taxes.

This is the freedom agenda. And it is night and day better than Mitt Romney.

You've got it all wrong boy: We don't need a "teacher"; We need a real fighter, like a second Andrew Jackson. Gary Johnson is out there and fighting. Ron Paul just ducked and ran away way like a whimp back in April.

Quitters don't impress me; Fighters do. Give me a guy who fights to the end....any day. Support the candidate, not some useless 'teacher' who passively supports the wholly corrupt Mitt Romney, and refuses to support the one good guy who is out there trying!