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"What else would you like to

"What else would you like to know?"

Well, you might have started by answering the original question. What you have offered as a meaning is little more than a personal bio, complete with things you enjoy doing. This is all very nice, but not really an answer.

"Not sure what you are looking for here but..."

In a previous post, you stated with positive affirmation that now, as an atheist, your life is full and has meaning. It would seem that one must have some kind of certainty in their head to make such a statement. So I was asking for some specifics. What do you mean when you say your life has "meaning"?

You gave us a list of some obviously positive things that you either do, experience or like to experience. Yet presumably, having been 'active in the church for 35 years', all these things were present even when you would have described yourself as a 'Christian'. So apparently your atheism has neither added nor (to be fair) subtracted from what you would call life's meaningfulness. I guess that is your point. But if your life's meaning is based on your contingent experiences within life itself, then your life's meaning is itself contingent and could disappear at any instant.

If, God forbid, you should suddenly lose your wife and child, be fired or laid off, have your beach front property repossessed, have your friends abandon or betray you... then what meaning is left? Does life become meaningless? If you lose any one of these, does life become less meaningful? What then of those lonely souls who have experienced such loses and grief? Is life not worth living? Is life's meaning only derived from what brings individual pleasures? If so, then are you in any position to judge the meaning others find in religious experiences?

Furthermore, you say you 'love your wife', and I'm sure that you do. But what is love to an atheist such as yourself? Is there some spiritual dimension to this thing called 'love', or is this just the result of chemical reactions in the physical brain effecting your accidental consciousness? Is there an atomic number for this element called 'love'? Is love material or immaterial? If it is immaterial, then can immaterial things be real?