Comment: Hi, pawn,Based on what you

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Hi, pawn,Based on what you

Hi, pawn,

Based on what you said, "I'm kicking myself for not buying [gold] several years ago when it seemed like $300/oz was WAY too expensive," I'm wondering what you think about what I wrote above and about this compound question:

Should freedom exist in the life of the individual when he does X yesterday instead of today or does X today instead of tomorrow, and should the amount of freedom depend on when that doing is?

Further, where does X originate from: the individual or not the individual?

Hint: If X originates from the former location, the individual, then the individual decides his fate, he is creator of his life, he is free, he made himself free. If the latter location is where X is from, freedom arrives to him, freedom is given to him, evidence that he wasn't free, that he was subject to what put freedom in his life, to what made him free.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.