Comment: Drugs are bad?

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Drugs are bad?

Are they really? Well you tell that to your doctor when you're sick and he wants to give you antibiotics. During your next headache, don't reach for aspirin that's also a drug. I heard child birth is real pain in the ass... don't ask for an epidural because that is BLATANTLY a drug. Who likes a cigarette after sex? Stop it, nicotine is a (useless) drug. Can't sleep? Well masturbate until you fall asleep because Ambien is a dangerous FDA approved drug. A little arthritis trouble? Stay away from those NSAIDs... they're drugs. Unmanageable anxiety troubles? I bet you go for the Xanax(alprazolam) to get you through the day but you should stop, it's part of the benzodiazepine family... meaning it's a DRUG! How about this one... coffee! Caffeine is the bastard cousin of cocaine... and it's... a DRUG!!! Coffee's primary use is as a drug (stimulant) in the mornings to ward off sleepiness like garlic to a vampire.

Now that's where the bias is. No one seems to have trouble with the taxed and "regulated" FDA approved drugs or those "generally recognized as safe". No one is screaming for Robotussin or Dramamine to be ripped off the shelves because they can be abused to create a hallucinogenic good time after school. No one is protesting coffee companies because someone who has been up for 36 hours is using coffee as their only means to stay awake so they can drive home.

The point is allowing choice to be the responsibility of the individual but a lot of you shouldn't kid yourselves into believing that you don't buy into the government and industry pushed propaganda that "illicit drugs" are bad, evil, unhealthy, or useless to mankind and society.