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Comment: East v. West? (updated)

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East v. West? (updated)

Already voted for GJ in Oregon - I hope he has Obama and Romney both worried.

I've looked at various polls trying to figure out what effect Johnson may be having,
which isn't easy as he's not polled about directly very often.

But the impression I get is that there is a disconnect between east and west -
that in places like New Hampshire Johnson has been drawing more from
Romney, but that out in Nevada, Montana and Colorado he seems to draw
more from Obama...

Probably the best we can hope for overall this time is the narrowest of Obama
wins and the biggest possible minor party totals.

OTOH (update)

Ran across this question that was asked of Goode and Johnson supporters
in a Virginia poll by Roanoke College (Johnson was at 2% support, Goode and
Stein at 1% each:

15. [IF JOHNSON OR GOODE] If the choices were only Obama and Romney, for
whom would you vote?
Obama 56%
Romney 15%
Someone else 8%
Unsure 21%

Poll is here: