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"Well you tell that to your

"Well you tell that to your doctor "

The medical industry is a mess too.

Also, your post doesn't make your point. Most medical drugs are by prescription only (and they shouldn't be), and people get arrested for trying to mail themselves prescriptions as well, as was the case of a sports figure recently.

So some people are very consistent - it's big government and no freedom all the way!

Fla. doctor faces prescription drug charges in Ky. - The Herald ... 7, 2012 – ... in a conspiracy with two men to illegally distribute prescription narcotics in northeastern Kentucky. ... Print | E-mail to a friend NEWS BRIEFS ...
Ky. part of national prescription drug initiatives - Kentucky ... 21, 2012 – Kentucky will join several states hard hit by prescription drug abuse to ... Enter your email and we will send you a link to reset your password.


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