Comment: Love to everyone.....Vote from your heart.

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Love to everyone.....Vote from your heart.

Wish all this would stop.
I'll be happy when the election is over, The winner will be who TPTB want it to be, it's rigged!
We can all work together to get rid of the voting machines, back to paper to make sure 2016 is an honest election! That's if all the pushing and name calling doesn't drive everyone away, making enemies instead of friends.
People aren't going to change their minds. Vote for one of the two puppets, as a strategical move[the 4 yr. vs 8 yr. thing], vote for GJ, write in Ron Paul, refuse to participate in the sham, whatever you want, without a paper ballot counted in front of everyone, it's nothing but an exercise of wrists.
United we can accomplish wonders. Do what YOU think is best and put your thoughts to the solution of having honest elections. The machines have to GO!
Be an organizer, an originator of ideas, the one with a plan of action.