Comment: We could do without FEMA

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We could do without FEMA

and I can say this having worked as a subcontractor to FEMA during Hurricanes Katrina, Francis, and one other that I forget. First off, FEMA has a paid staff that has nothing to do when there is no catastrophe, except "prepare" for the next one. But, the problem is that you can't really plan on how to respond to a disaster. You just have to get into the trenches and go with what works that day. Secondly, when something does occur, nearly all of the ground work is accomplished by the Army Corp of Engineers, local volunteers, and paid subcontractors. The Corp could handle disasters entirely on their own, and during the non-emergency times continue on with the levy, border patrol, and other construction work they do. Believe me this organization is bloated enough to provide plenty of manpower for such an event. During my entire two months working on the FEMA trailer program during Katrina, I met two FEMA guys in the field, and their particular job was just to duplicate what I was already doing.
Let me relay just one story to you about FEMA's wonderful use of your tax dollars. There was a guy in Alabama during Katrina, living in a run down old trailer which was damaged in the hurricane. FEMA wrote him a check to cover the repairs, because I suppose he didn't have insurance and sent him a brand new FEMA trailer to live in. It was nicer than what he was living in for sure. Well after he got his new improved trailer, compliments of the Gov.,that was supposed to be temporary (he's probably still in it) he decided he'd just spend that repair money on a new four-wheeler instead, and FEMA never verified what he did with that money.