Comment: Drugs aren't safe. WTF?

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Drugs aren't safe. WTF?

Lots of things aren't safe. How biased do you have to be to make that statement?

Do you mean "Illicit" ie the DEA's brilliant lists? Because if the want to be fair all chemical compounds but water are a drug at some dosage or another. The fast acting psychotropic are generally banned. Because if you can feel better by taking a pill, you must need someone to prevent you from taking it too much or too often. That is the reasoning. If it makes you happy, you won't be able to control yourselves. This is not an argument without merit. Many cannot. But persecution and punishment adds only insult to injury. A list of the big killer chemicals would look something like this: (by their current deathtoll) ( not their toxicity)

1. Tobacco
2. Alcohol
3. Simple Sugars
4. Prescription drugs( various)
5. ILLICIT drugs(all)
6. ...

10859. Pot ( just after baby powder )

Last. Water - which kills plenty, just not by consuming it, (breathing it or it's absence-death in minutes/days

Drugs aren't safe. A statement like that feeds exactly what's wrong with the way we are dealing with "drugs".

By " drugs" I mean the "Whole List" of chemicals that are "Consumed" prioritized for the importance, effectiveness ,and value of rational controls, as with alcohol by the levels and the speed at which they produce death and destruction and their actual monetary cost to society.

Brad on DRUGS - yes please, I will have some more, what time does the buffet close? and could i get extra halucinogens please thanks, and with the ecstasy,on the side? Great. What ? DMT gravy? You don't say. Can i get a doggy bag for those afterall? And six bottles of mead and another couple appetizer platters to go
And could you toss in ome after dinner sleepy-time hero- mints for coming down tomorrow night or so, , and a tub of that gravy. Yes. Extra Large. well family size then..

" I like 'em"

AND - Many drugs are dangerous for many people, just like cars, and booze, and HFCS, skydiving.

BUT - We don't bunch it all together and ban all dangerous activities!!! we place reasonable controls individually tailored to minimize dangers, and we punish those who cause harm, not those who disagree, or worse yet the few that CAN handle their shit.

Rant complete.
Unless it gets you high, then it's off to the gulags

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