Comment: I agree in general with James Bopp...

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I agree in general with James Bopp...

I think he's done a lot for freedom of speech and individual rights. I'm not sure I agree with his opinion that getting more campaign material out to people will help, but the main point should be that it isn't for anyone to say how much or how little to communicate to voters, how much or how little to spend, nor is it anyone's 'right' to know who's funding a message. As Bopp says it is also irrelevant. The message should be what matters.

I'm not sure why so many in the liberty movement and conservatives like Virgil Goode make this a big issue. It's like saying McDonald's, Starbucks, and Apple make so much money and are such big corporations they should be limited on how much they spend on their ads and what they say. People may even argue as socialists do that because big corporations have so much power over the choice of the poor, ignorant public that not only should we regulate and place limits on corporate ad spending, we should tax them more and create public-service ads for public benefit.

I say just let us be free to choose. Just eliminate campaign finance laws all together.

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